Aspiring musicians and composers aged 11-19 are to perform onstage at Boxpark Croydon on December 2.  

The 20  young people, who’ll be performing on a wide range of western and eastern instruments – are part of the inaugural Young Croydon Composers project, the brainchild of Drum the Bass, the Croydon-based production company behind Croydon Composers.

Drum the Bass producer Shri Sriram explains:  “Since we started working on Croydon Composers and talking to people about the project, we realised it would be fantastic to involve the youth of Croydon in diverse and challenging music projects.

“Young Croydon Composers will engage young musicians and help to widen their musical scope while learning the importance of cross-cultural interaction from an early age.  We’re also hoping it’ll open the door to a legacy of collaboration, open mindedness and cross cultural communication.”

The youngsters are members of three important organisations who generate music and art workshops, creative opportunities and cultural learning services.

Those organisations are: Sangeetha of the UK who present numerous opportunities to promote arts and culture; Croydon Music and Arts who work to ensure children and young people in the borough have access to creative opportunities; and Music Relief who provide music and arts workshops for young people.

 Shri adds:  “We want to give young musicians the opportunity of working together in new ways and to be open to composing music and understanding the benefits of it rather than focusing on skill alone. 

“It’ll encourage them to be open minded about working with different genres and communities from an early age. Performing at Boxpark will then give them a platform to showcase their music to the public, to friends and family and to gain confidence and pride in what they’re doing. 

“We’re all very excited about presenting Young Croydon Composers at Boxpark on December 2 – Croydon really is a fantastic creative hub!”