It’s just two year’s since north Croydon residents votes in Labour MP Steve Reed with a 21,000 majority. Now thanks to the Tories calling a snap election he is hitting the campaign trail again.

Here we put Steve under the spotlight and ask him: What three things has he achieved for us as our local MP and if he is elected again what will his three priorities be for Thornton Heath?

NO1 “I led successful campaigns for a new A&E at Croydon University Hospital and to save the ticket office at Thornton Heath station. Thousands of local people signed my petition for investment to improve the hospital.  I raised questions about the poor state of our old A&E in Parliament, and the council passed a motion in support of my campaign.  As a result, we forced the Government to start work on a brand new £21million A&E department at the hospital. “
NO2 “Olaseni Lewis was a 21-year-old young man from Thornton Heath who died after his family took him for treatment at a mental health hospital.   He had been subjected to severe physical restraint by 10 police officers.  I raised the case in Parliament, won changes to the way police treat mental health patients, and helped get an investigation into the case reopened.  I’ve stood by the family throughout their terrible ordeal and have now called on the Prime Minister to launch an inquiry into allegations of racism in the mental health services.  “
NO3 “One of the biggest issues Thornton Heath residents raise with me is litter and dumped rubbish.  I set up a resident-led commission that produced a blueprint for the council to clean up local streets and crack down on fly tipping.  The council is now putting those recommendations into practice, and I’ve called together local community organisations to keep up the pressure for better streets and look at innovative examples from around the world for how communities have helped stop people dumping rubbish. “
If re-elected, Steve’s top three priorities for Thornton Heath are:
NO1: “To secure better support for young people, opposing Tory plans to cut funding for schools in Thornton Heath, to help Paxton Academy get a permanent school building after the Tories left the entire school in temporary cabins for three years, and to work with young people to set up a youth trust to give young people a voice and create more positive activities in the area.”
NO2: “The current NHS consultation for South West London threatens Croydon University Hospital with closure or downgrading because of Tory NHS cuts.  I will campaign to secure the same protected status for our hospital that’s already been given to St George’s in Tooting, and for a rethink on Tory underfunding that’s left Croydon NHS facing £36million cuts next year alone. “
NO3: “After helping our council win major regeneration for Croydon, I want to bring the council together with local businesses and the community to regenerate Thornton Heath.  We need investment to attract more new shops, businesses, jobs and investment to the high street, help local people set up businesses of their own, and clean up the streets so Thornton Heath is a more attractive place to live and work. “
Are you happy with Steve’s answer only YOU can decide on June 8?