Here Simon Carter explains Why He Loves Thornton Heath:

“I’ve lived in Thornton Heath for nearly thirty years. In that time time it’s changed from a  quiet middle class suburb, to a vibrant, energetic, multi cultural melting pot. 

“As a designer, I love the energy that brings. Sometimes it comes with challenges, but there’s a stubborn pride many of us have in our neighbourhood.and we want it to improve. 

“You can still buy a family house here for relatively little compared to most of London, and my smart friends from North london are always amazed at what they could buy for their tiny one bedroomed studio. 

“It’s the most unprentious place I know in London and that in itself is very refreshing.

“As part of my work I give quite a few media interviews. Magazine writers are always surprised that I choose to live here. 

“They expect somewhere more ‘up market’ like Dulwich Village but I prefer it here. 

“The Thornton Heath Community Action Team have been inspirational in setting an example to everyone for how you can contribute to your street on the tiniest level. 

“The only thing that’s missing is decent places to eat but that’s changing fast with the opening of new pizza restuarants and tapas. I guess I’m here to stay!”