Here Guy Etchells explains Why He Loves Thornton Heath:

“It’s 7am I wake up and look out at my garden and think what I can do next to make it seem a little better for the summer?

“Decide it’s time for coffee. Walk around the corner to the Costa, possibly saying ‘hello’ to a few friendly faces along the way. Enjoy a friendly chat with the staff in Costa.

“At 12pm I walk down to the Turkish Bakery (YBR Cakes) and pick up some Borek for lunch for the children, stop in at Jam Rock for some Jerk chicken for myself.

“Then at 5pm I pop across the road to Kumar and pick up a bottle of wine and snacks for the evening. Have my mum in from next door for dinner and spend the rest of the evening indoors.

“One of the biggest things I enjoy about Thornton Heath is every now and then, when you have the right weather and the right mood it feels like a village.

“Its diversity gives you a melting pot of cultures and although we could do with a few improvements, part of its charm is its unpolished appearance.

“It doesn’t need Kensington-esque flower displays on shops, it doesn’t need expensive healthfood shops like Balham.

“We just need a little bit more of ‘Thornton Heath’, more restaurants and cafes offering something different  and other bits that are relevant to our population.

“I think what we do have over those other places is people who enjoy being

who they are without any pretence and this is Why I Love ‘The Heath“.