Here Tiah Caesar,  aged eight, lists her top five reasons why she loves Thornton Heath.

1: I love Thornton Heath because I go to school at Brigstock-site Whitehorse Manor in Thornton Heath and the children there are sensible and quiet and we get on with lots of work.

2: I love swimming with my school at the local swim baths. I love it because my teacher is kind and he helps me and I am making good progress. I go swimming at the Thornton Heath swimming baths.

3: I love Thornton Heath because my Aunty lives there. Sometimes she picks me up from school and takes me to Costa Coffee – there I have a tasty hot chocolate and some shortbread. Then she takes me to her house and I play with her cat, Max, and feed him treats and stroke his soft fur.

4: Sometimes I go to Thornton Heath library to read from their large selection of children’s books – David Walliams and Roald Dahl are my favourites. I also do some homework on the computers. Right now I’m learning about the Romans and how

5: I visited Thornton Heath Festival this year and last year and went on lots of amazing rides. My favourites were the carousel and trampolines because I can jump really high. This year I got to dance on the stage with my Aunty
to salsa music – it was great fun! The carnival procession was good too – I liked the girl’s feathery outfits. There was delicious hot West Indian food that my mum bought and we shared. It was a great day!