Here Veronica Reed explains Why She Loves Thornton Heath.

“We have lived in the same house on Langdale Road for nearly 40 years brought up two sons who have now got families of their own and we have been tempted to move away but not found the right time. 

“My husband, Alan is a carpenter and has helped out a few neighbours over the years. We know a few neighbours to stop and chat and one or two more to nod and say good morning but no more than that. 

“He will chat to anyone so knows more people than me and has enjoyed a Thursday night drink at the Telegraph
for many years before Covid. 

“We have many happy memories of bringing up our sons in Thornton Heath when we first moved in we were the new young couple now we are two of the oldest and longest standing residents. 

“The elderly neighbours that became our baby sitters when the boys were babies have passed away or moved away and we only get Christmas cards now but they were so kind and would do anything for us. 

“Some of my friends that I made when the boys were little have moved away but there are many still close by we all seemed to be having boys and the kids would all play together over The Rec. We now get to chat about our grandchildren and looking towards retirement. 

“While we were in holiday in September Alan suffered a heart attack and was hospitalised in Turkey for an additional two weeks. 

“One of my neighbours reached out to one of my sons via Twitter because he was worried because our cars hadn’t moved for a long time and when my friend who has a key let another concerned neighbour know what had happened word went round. 

“When we finally got home a month later the neighbours were fantastic they came round with gifts cards and home grown vegetables but most of all with love and kindness.” 

“This is Thornton Heath at its best you don’t have to live in a cosy village you just need to show you care and my neighbours do.”

•We are pleased to report that Alan pictured left with Veronica is doing well.