Here Catherine Ward explains Why She Loves Thornton Heath. 

“I’ve lived in Thornton Heath nearly seven years now, and moved here from Streatham with my husband just as we were starting a family. 

“We have a great relationship with our neighbours and feel that we’ve built that ‘village’ vibe – we all help each other out whenever we can. In the last couple of years our street has clubbed together on organising the Big Lunch street party in June, and we’ve also started a Play Street which is growing month-by-month – both initiatives have really brought our street together as a community and we’re also connecting with families from further afield who come to our Play Street each month.

“ It reminds me of that community feel I enjoyed as a child, where people knew each other and stopped to chat, and kids played out in the street on bikes and scooters; things we don’t often see in a busy city.

 “It’s lovely to see my own children free in the outdoors and socialising with other children from the area they wouldn’t otherwise have met. 

“One of my favourite local places is Grangewood Park, right on our doorstep. It’s such a gem of green space and one of my favourite parks in this part of London; so much more than you expect when you first explore it.

“ It’s the perfect spot for Forest School and we’ve also enjoyed sessions with The Wildlife Trusts here, who are working hard to preserve the park and woodland (if only the council would, too).  

”We loved joining in with the mosaic restoration work last year and there are brilliant community events like the Halloween parties and summer picnics, too. The park has a lot to offer and I really hope more people will discover and enjoy it.”