Here Daisy Narula explains Why She Loves Thornton Heath. 

“I have lived in Thornton Heath since 2000, but it’s only been since this summer that I have actually lived in Thornton Heath!! 

“I used to work in the City and tended to shop and go out in town, rather than locally. This summer I volunteered to help create the Frant Road mosaic. And if you haven’t already seen it, do pop by and check out our handiwork. I especially love how the mirrored leaves glisten and sparkle in the sunlight.  

“Working on this community project gave me a sense of ownership and belonging here that I hadn’t felt before. My eyes were opened to the community spirit in our little part of South London. 

“Since then I have participated in clean ups of the Norbury Brook in TH Rec, tending to the community exchange library at the station and adopting a Thornton Heath Community Action Team planter. 

Now I feel so much more engaged and connected with my neighbourhood; feeling a sense of pride where I live; wanting to do what I can to keep the streets litter free. 

“In fact I think I now have a problem in that I can’t just walk down the street. I find myself picking up clean recyclables and depositing them in the nearest household recycling bin. This means it now takes me twice as long to walk anywhere!!

“I love Thornton Heath as there is so much going on; a free local newspaper, a vibrant cafe and restaurant scene from a variety of countries, markets, guerilla gardening, planters, street art, the annual festival/carnival, the annual refugee Christmas party, free Bollywood and salsa dance classes, free mindfulness sessions and so much more.”