Here Kathy Malik explains Why she Loves Thornton Heath.

 “I moved to Thornton Heath nine years ago and love living here.  I have an ongoing and enduring love affair with my small but beautiful formed period house, it’s in a small slightly shabby road and it gives me much pleasure and happiness.

 “Thornton Heath is a hidden gem yet to be discovered by those who wish to live in real houses at affordable prices. 

It’s a 25 minute train ride into Victoria

Station.  What’s not to love. My neighbours are friendly and supportive. We look out for each other but are not intrusive respecting each other’s privacy. “We are multicultural . You can buy any type of food imaginable. We exchange small gifts on religious feast days. 

“My wonderful Muslim neighbours gave me the most delicious sweet pastries on Eid Day. 

“I, in turn, offer shop bought treats but it’s the thought that counts!  I have never before experienced this wonderful sense of community it’s truly magical.

“Just like real life nothing is perfect.  Our Thornton Heath streets are a little neglected but thanks to local street action groups you can see dotted around the roads colourful street planters which do liven up the area. I have one just outside my house and it’s a great conversation piece.  

“I belong to a Street Action project and we held a planting party specifically for our street. The enthusiasm of the residents was edifying and made all the planning and time spent buying plants and planting paraphernalia well worthwhile.  We installed hanging baskets and planters to window sills. 

“The atmosphere was so brilliant, and the weather Gods were magnanimous in bestowing the most beautiful sunshine.  I hope Thornton Heath lays undiscovered for a little longer but this is probably wishful thinking!”