Here Marley King who won the Good Neighbour award in the Mayor’s Civic Awards explains Why She Loves Thornton Heath. 

“Growing up and during my teenage years I would always be ashamed to say I came from ‘The Heath’

“I could see nothing great with the area I lived in, no pride in the area I was born and raised.  

There was nothing  to claim as my own and boast of to my friends living in other areas of the borough .  

“However as I’ve grown older, mostly thanks to the hard working and caring residents of CR7 there are plenty of reasons I could pick why I love Thornton Heath, the culture and the history to name just two.

“What other areas can boast having an action team, culture committee, four plus park groups, a free local newspaper, excellent schools, numerous charities and community groups all run by volunteers in a single postcode. 

“But the one thing that always makes me proud to be from Thornton Heath is our strong sense of community with so many people from so many backgrounds and experiences working together to improve the lives of those around them. 

“To me Thornton Heath has a new age village feel. Walking down the street I always see somebody I know who I can stop to chat  to and find out what’s happening in the local area.

“So many people are happy to give up their afternoon to help plant a few plants, paint a mural, help clean a neighbour’s street or go wading in the Brook in Thornton Heath Rec. 

People are so willing to help others that need it without ever expecting anything in return but knowing someone is there if they need it. 

“Many of the people I’ve meet in Thornton Heath while getting involved in community events or even just attending my local stay and play have become like family to me and for that I am forever truly grateful. 

“May Thornton Heath’s heart of community spirit always keep beating.”