Here Pat Stannard explains Why She Loves Thornton Heath. 

“I have lived in the same house in Thornton Heath since I was a young child and that ‘I have never left home yet’ even though I am an OAP!

“I married a lovely young man from

Thornton Heath in St Paul’s Church nearly 46 years ago and have brought up a happy family here. 

“I can walk out of my house and be excited at what the day will bring.

“I can come home and look forward to a relaxing evening.

“I have great neighbours who I have known for many years.

“I can meet friends and go for a coffee.

“I can walk past the Leisure Centre and remember the original Swimming Baths where as a child I learned to swim. 

“I can go to Grangewood Park and enjoy the outdoors.

“I can find peace and relaxation in my garden.

“I can easily get on a bus or a train and go on an adventure!

 “I am still doing my volunteering in scouting and helping young ones from the area achieve #skillsforlife.

“I am able to help in the Art Class with refugees.

“I am learning to knit again at ASKI.

“I can still share a smile and make new friends here.

“I can enjoy having a meal at Blue and Orange.

“Other people also love Thornton Heath and want to fight for what’s right and good.

“We have some amazing murals and very talented people.

“We have our own newspaper.

“We have our own Festival.

“Thornton Heath is still a special place, with special people of all ages from all walks of life and cultures.  

“It’s not all wonderful yet! but we should all keep doing our best for ourselves, our families and our community.”