Here youth advocate Marian Adejokun, 27, explains Why She Loves Thornton Heath.

“When I moved to England from America with my mom and siblings I was excited as I always wanted to meet the Queen and I always heard of how posh everyone spoke in London and the landmarks to visit.

“Growing up in Thornton Heath as a young adult, I’ve seen a lot of transitions. I remember our beloved  late MP Malcolm Wicks  who took myself and my family under his wing to assist us any how possible.

“He was such a selfless gentleman and always had his door open for you to walk in and talk to him about any concerns you may have had. Now we have north Croydon MP Steve Reed who also does a great job in the community. He kindly supported my mother Aderemi Adejokun who is the CEO of Relief Africa Charity Organisation ( to host an event at the Houses of Parliament.

“In Thornton Heath I admire the unity in the community especially when the Thornton Heath festival is on and everyone in the community comes together to support each others organisations and businesses.

“I love how Thornton Heath is full of multi-cultural diverse backgrounds and languages from all over the world it’s mind-blowing!

As a youth advocate, I host youth events in the community to bring about the voices of our young people and their talents, along with challenges they may be facing and to also create a positive vibe about Thornton Heath. 

“I would like to take this opportunity to highlight the only thing missing as I have a passion for young people in our community is more open spaces for our young people to grow, learn, interact and have a place called their own. I believe Thornton Heath has a lot of potential to be great and who knows the young people will soon take over and be great! “