Amateur photographer Kelly Nicholls captured this beautiful portrait of local wildlife celebrity – Grangewood Park’s white squirrel.

The 23-year-old who was raised in Thornton heath and grew up five minutes from the park said: “I was so excited to capture the white squirrel. He’s just so beautiful.”

At college Kelly studied hairdressing and nail technology, but her passion has always been for photography

Kelly explains: “So this year I went and bought myself some equipment and yes I do want to make it professional. I’d like to do a photography course in college or an apprenticeship/traineeship.”

She has already created a portfolio demonstrating her versatility in getting that winning picture whether she is setting up a fashion shot, waiting patiently for a wildlife shot  or taking photographs of another passion of hers: cars.

Kelly who went to Beulah infant and junior school  before studying at The Archbishop Lanfranc School now lives in Selsdon.

While at Beulah she was looked after by her nan from morning to evening while her mum went to work.

Kelly said: “My nan has been a resident of Buller Road for 60 years. She loves her house and Thornton Heath.”

Kelly is carving out this new career while battling severe mental health issues, which is why she has named her new venture Bipolaroid Photography.

She added:“I am finally doing what I wanted to do and I am determined to make the best of it.

“I wouldn’t mind being self-employed and am always looking for new challenges and new models to work with to build my portfolio and spread the word. It’s hard for young people now because every company seems to want experienced people – how do we get experience if no ones willing to give us said experience?”