Concerns have been raised that there is void in the reporting, recording and enforcement of anti- social behaviour.

On the one hand residents say they are reporting high levels of anti social behaviour but on the other side police and council say they have minimal evidence of this so it’s not a priority.

This is backed up by minutes of the  latest meeting of the The Safer Neighbourhood Board where the Director of Safety Andy Opie gave a presentation, focusing on anti-social behaviour but didn’t identify Thornton Heath as a hotspot.

The Board was established to set policing priorities, monitor crime performance and community confidence and in December  the Board heard from Detective Chief Inspector Richard McDonagh on the topic of violent youth and knife crime. 

He stated that robbery was the main crime where knives were used and the main areas for knife crime were the town centre and Thornton Heath area. 

At recent meetings between residents and police concerns have been expressed about numerous incidents including gun shots fired on Hythe Road and ongoing issues of blatent drug dealing on Brook Road and general lawlessness on Woodville Road.

Last month, within the space of 30 minutes on Woodville Road a young boy was mugged in broad daylight and blind man intimidated.

The school boy had his  rucksack and blazer stolen by other boys, but dropped them – minus the victim’s mobile phone and money – after a  resident and passer-by gave chase.

Residents again had to intervene after a sight dog was attacked by another dog which was off the lead. Witnesses reported that the sight dog was getting quite upset. However, the owner of the other dog instead of dealing with his animal threatened the blind man.

The alleyway opposite the leisure centre was also cordoned off by police after an incident on April 24.

* Thornton Heath Community Action Team has lobbied the council leader Tony Newman with a proposal for employing a manager to lead a town centre team who would work with       

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