Nine month’s ago Madia Rashid,  a local mum-of-two, left her senior NHS job to take a leap into setting up her own well being company called Physio4me.

Having spent 10 years as a Chartered Physiotherapist, Madia knew all too well from first hand experience that there was a lack of services for pregnant and new mum’s in this area.

Madia now provides 10 specialist exercise sessions a week and also does private home visits to assess pregnancy and labour related aches and pains.

When starting Madia was overwhelmed but seeing a difference an hour with a client makes motivated her to continue to expand and be more efficient.

She  feels the need for health promotion far outweighs the need to just ‘treat’ people so designed her own educational exercise workshops.

Madia says it is important to help encourage “me time” via exercise and building support networks to break down barriers of social isolation.

Depression unfortunately is common in both pregnancy and post baby. The mum and baby classes in neighbouring Norbury Library have been extremely popular and well received.

Madia said: “We’re told to be active, we’re told it’s good to get out but what if you can’t due to physical pain or mentally feeling restricted or simply no childcare?” Madia is hoping to expand services in the future to teenagers and older women and hold non-residential wellbeing retreats.

For more information and for FREE exercise videos see YouTube channel Physio4me U.K