Water has finally been restored to The Pond after a tap was installed much to the relief of volunteer waterers who struggled to keep plants alive during the drought carrying water from nearby businesses.

The tap which has been provided in lockable metal cabinet was secured by  Cllr Stuart King using Community Interest Levy money from the local sites under development. 

Peter Lawrence: “This is great news and will be a great help in volunteers watering the Pond through next year’s, hopefully, warm summer.”

Over the autumn period over 700 bulbs have been planted, and daffodils, Crocus, hyacinths, tulips, mixed bulbs for butterflies will start to bloom in spring and with different flowers blooming throughout the year.

 The word ‘Pond’ will also be displayed with a range of flowers throughout the growing season. 

A mosaic is being arranged with the support of Grace Holliday, who helped design the Brook Road mosaic, on the theme of a Pond, which will be on the inner curved wall. 

Schools and locals will be able to have an input in the design features and two weekends in March, 9 and 10 and 23 and 24 have been identified as times when the mosaic work will start, and all help will be welcomed.

The Pond will also have a fantastic plastic fountain next year, with a fountain circular wall, made of eco-bricks, made by local people and children, with a plastic statue of a horse in the middle, with flowing water in the shapes of cascading twirling plastic.

If any one is interested in making eco-bricks, to contribute to the fountain, please contact THCAT.