Undercover surveillance teams are targeting litter louts as part of the war on waste.

Stuart Collins, the cabinet member for Clean and Green Croydon, outlined a raft of new measures when he was grilled by residents at a streets summit. Cllr Collins said the next step is to work on ‘behavioural change’ to reduce the 1,400 fly tips a month likek the one pictured (left) in Oban Road.

Residents who don’t recycle will receive yellow cards to change their ways or face being fined. Landlords and occupants with untidy front gardens face being issued with Community Protection Orders giving 21 days to clean up their act.

The council is launching an anti-litter campaign which will feature on bus stops warning litter bugs they face an £80 fine. The message will be backed up with plain clothed observation teams issuing fines to those who don’t heed the warnings.