The council has done a u-turn over planting at The Clocktower after complaints about slategate.

The public realm works on Parchmore Road aimed to better align the pedestrian crossing making it easier to cross to Woodville Road but has caused controversy with the creation of three large planters which were filled with grey slate. There had previously been planters in this location but they weren’t so vast. They were however overgrown, attracting anti social behaviour as well as rats who had nested tempted by discarded food.

The council decided to install a membrane and lay slate but have subsequently come up with a plan to plant shrubs.

The council is also investigating whether the Drinking Fountain & Cattle Trough Association on Parchmore Road can be relocated – depending on cost – to the space around clock tower.  In the last week the council has cut back the overgrown island on Parchmore Road exposing the trough amongst mountains of rubbish (pictured above).