Child care workers have expressed ‘tremendous sadness’ at not being able to see the children they have formed such strong bonds with.

Staff at the Ministars Day Nursery which provides care for children  aged two  to five-year’s-old and is based within St Paul’s Church Hall in Thornton Heath, closed their doors on Friday  (March 20), due to the ‘very low intake’ of children whose parents are classed as key workers.  

Manager Marie Long said: “As nursery practitioners, we create strong bonds with our children so the prospect of not being able to see them for a long period of time saddens us tremendously.  

“Not only do nursery staff provide care and support for our children, but we also invest in providing support to our parents.

“During the lead up to the closures, the staff were becoming increasingly anxious and emotional.  “Our parents also felt the same with the major issue being the uncertainty as to when the nursery will reopen.

“Households where there are two parents, have had to plan ahead to manage their day and balance it between looking after the children and working from home.  

“For those single parents, this is much more difficult, especially for those living in flats where there is no outdoor space.

“The Covid-19 has created a rippling effect all round, from the financial aspect right through to the children’s education in preparing them to transition into big school. 

“We have since set up a Facebook page, where we share activity ideas that could be done at home as well as story sessions conducted by the staff prior to our closure.  

“Our aim was to help maintain friendships amongst the children, their families and staff as well as reducing the anxiety when it comes to reopening the nursery.”