Trees have been tagged and set fire to as part of a spate of  mindless vandalism sweeping Thornton Heath.

Five trees along Frant Road were graffitied on the road which had recently been transformed as part of S106 money from the council  – funding planting and tree works to deter fly tipping.

The trees were targeted along with shop fronts on the High Street and Brigstock Road. Information boards at Thornton  Heath Rec including an educational wildlife notice board identifying local bird life were also tagged.

Some of the graffiti has been done in full view of the council’s CCTV on the High Street.

The police have said that CCTV enquiries are extremely time intensive but if they have a reasonable time frame and there is a camera in the vicinity then they will look at it!

Meanwhile fire bugs have struck at Grangewood Park’s cultural garden setting fire to a 20-year-old Italian Cypress tree and a wall. Both are being investigated by police and it’s worth bearing in mind that you can get up to seven years in prison for arson with intent to cause criminal damage.

Contact the police if you have information on these incidents or better still if you are perpetrators of these pointless acts of vandalism why not put your energies in to improving the area by getting involved in the many art projects being planned for Thornton Heath?