One of the Sustainable Thornton Heath group’s aims is to help residents make whatever changes they can to reduce their impact on the environment, writes Ian Morris.

I know from my own family’s experience of trying to live more sustainably over the last few months that this can be challenging at times, and I wanted to use such experience to make it easier for others in the town to do similarly. 

 There is lots of information and tips on-line and social media is obviously a powerful and important tool but there is no substitute for in-person interactions and not everyone is on-line either.  

This is why the group started its activities by holding regular meetings where interested residents meet to learn, share and support each other on a wide range of sustainability topics.  

So far we have discussed how to have a more sustainable Christmas, climate change and some of the realities of living a more sustainable and plastic free lifestyle. 

However, not everyone is interested in or able to sit round of an evening and talk about sustainability, so the group also plans to organise some events.  

These include communal ecobricking events to help Thornton Heath Community Action Team gather enough to build the planned plastic water fountain at Thornton Heath Pond, and what we are calling a pop-up sustainability hub that will hopefully start to be trialled from the Spring.  

These hubs are expected to include a range of sustainability ‘corners’, including: a swap corner and a refill corner for a range of cleaning and bodycare products  and cooking ingredients.

There will also  a vegetarian and vegan food tasting corner, a showcasing corner where residents can talk to group members who have already started their sustainable living journey, and a series of workshops.  

We would also like to see some Terracycle points in the town where residents can recycle certain items that Croydon Council  is presently unable to  recycle such as: pet food pouches, crisp packets and dental products.  

 Whilst living more sustainably can be challenging at times, it can also save you money, is often much better for your mental and physical health, and also makes you more resilient and self-reliant.  Adjusting to a sustainable lifestyle is also a journey, and one we can start by taking some small steps within our abilities.  If you don’t know how or where to start, come join us.


Our next meeting is on Sunday February 16, starting at 5pm at the ASKI cafe, 33 Bridgstock Road.  Please e-mail Ian at: if you are interested as spaces are limited at the moment due to the size of the venue, though we are expecting to move to a larger venue soon.