Kirsty Kacani, 26, has Aspergers and a few other medical conditions. She doesn’t mix socially in anyway whatsoever which is why her NO1 fan her mum Stacey shows her drawings mainly via Twitter @SKacani. For Kirsty drawing is her everything and according to her mum she draws constantly: “I swear if she could draw in her sleep she would do so,” said Stacey. Amazingly she doesn’t actually sell any of her drawings but I’m sure if she did buyers would be

Stacey added: “As I’m sure your agree she has an amazing talent and I wanted her to see just how great she is that is why I’ve taken to showing them plus I also thought others could enjoy her drawings. “Her confidence is quite bad so it’s lovely to hear people’s praise of her art. She will draw anything as long as she has a good photo. With what she has to deal with and cope with on a daily basis things that we take for granted, I think her talent is incredible. She is incredible.”