These were the unedifying scenes as crowds of people, many teenagers and mother’s with young children, some filming, gathered to watch a woman in a dangerous position on a roof above Tesco.

Worst still some  passers-by watching below urged the woman to “get it over with and jump”. Three young girls  laughing and joking were overheard to say how they “better not miss her jump”

The pavements became so overcrowded with people stopping to watch that the emergency services had to shut the road  and pavement from the station to Tesco while they tried to ensure the woman’s safety.

After six hours the woman eventually re-entered  Kettering Court.

Afterwards people took to social media  expressing anger at the people who appeared to be enjoying the spectacle questioning their ‘humanity’ and ‘compassion?’

The woman’s sister  also took to Twitter hitting out at the  shameful attitude of a few.

Speaking to The Chronicle, she said: “On Tuesday the 24th April, my elder sister who has struggled with mental illness bipolar for years was at a critical stage and her worst relapse we had seen. 

“She was on the roof of her flat and saying she would jump whilst the public watched this ordeal. 

“No-one knows what was going through her mind in that moment and how thankful me and my family are for the amazing emergency response team for helping her through the hours it went on and saving her. 

“Whilst, it was distressing for me and my family what had upset me greatly also was the lack of compassion from the public at the time if this incident. 

“People were filming her for social media likes,  laughing at her and some were even telling her to jump! It’s saddening and heart breaking to see that even though we have all this awareness of mental health .. the reality is not everyone is aware. 

“I am thankful for the supportive messages I had on Twitter after I posted the distress of this incident. My sister will hopefully get better and my family are being strong. I pray and wish everyone gains understanding of mental illness and realises it’s not a joke. It can be your loved one who is suffering from it or it could be you.”