Within the year water could once more be flowing at Thornton Heath’s famous Pond.

In 1953, the original pond was filled in and turned in to an ornamental garden with a small pool but due to vandalism that was also filled in 1975.

In 2003 a new water feature was unveiled but that also ran dry. Now the council is looking at what is required to get the water back on.

A November deadline has been put forward as a provisional switching on date.

Other work being planned includes a new sign where the old pub sign is with lighting around the trees.

Thornton Heath Community Action Team volunteers were busy planting winter plants and bulbs at the Pond in December to brighten up the space in time for Spring. More flowers will be planted  over the coming months and planters filled with colourful plants will be fixed in place around the area of the grey boulders.

THCAT is looking for volunteers to look after the Pond, particularly watering plants during dry spells, and general weeding.

If you are interested in becoming a ‘Friend of the Pond’ please contact Peter Lawrence: