A Thornton Heath man has been jailed after a bitter feud ended in the death of teenager Andre Aderemi.

Jamell Lonergan, 20, of Woodcroft Road, Thornton Heath, pleaded guilty to manslaughter at the Old Bailey on Friday. He was jailed for 10 years.

Lonergan was due to be retried for murder in October, after a jury was unable to reach a verdict in the original 11-week trial which ended on May 3. The prosecution accepted the guilty manslaughter plea.

Andre, 19,  who had moved with his family  to Chatham as they were concerned for their safety returned to the Monks Hill Estate in Heather Way, Croydon, on August 16, 2016 where a long-running feud culminated in his murder.

Witnesses saw Andre being chased by a group of males carrying knives and other weapons, with a white vehicle also in pursuit.

The gang caught up with Andre after a short chase, and Andre fell to the ground where he was stabbed and kicked until he was unconscious.

The suspects then got into the vehicle and drove off.

Rodney Mukasa, 20, of Green View Avenue, Croydon, and Ali Zahawy, 19, of Bramble Close, Croydon, were found guilty of murder on May 3 and were sentenced to life imprisonment, with a recommendation to serve a minimum of 22 years.

Fabio Cela, 19, of Fryston Avenue, Croydon, was found not guilty of murder but was convicted of manslaughter. He was sentenced to 16 years’ imprisonment, with an extended licence period of four years.

Det Ch Insp Sam Price, who led the investigation, said he hoped Andre’s family felt some relief that Lonergan has admitted his part in Andre’s death.

He said: “Lonergan brought the killers to Andre in his vehicle, followed them as they chased Andre down on foot, and he was the getaway driver after Andre was mortally injured so his role was significant.

“I hope that Andre’s family, who have already endured a long trial and faced the prospect of more court proceedings, feel some relief that Lonergan has now admitted to his part in the attack and been jailed.”