national advertising campaign for fast food chain McDonald’s features Thornton Heath.

Has anyone else noticed on the TV adverts that when the new parents,  or father and daughter sit down to eat their McDonalds, they are actually in the London Road restaurant?

An eagle eyed Chronicle reader also saw the cameras filming the adverts at the branch.

The new campaign highlights how the fast food chain is making customers’ lives easier with new table service and mobile ordering.

The campaign features three adverts – Hands Full, Grownup and It Must Be.

Hands Full sees two new parents struggle with everyday tasks such as taking a pram down stairs and juggling shopping, before finally getting some respite with table service at McDonalds. Grownup, meanwhile, centres around a father and daughter day out which ends in them getting a McDonald’s using new in-store touchscreens to make their order.

The final TV ad, It Must Be, follows two teenagers who connect through the McDonald’s app.

A McDonalds spokesperson said: “Our Thornton Heath restaurant and team were perfect for our recent ad filming. The team were extremely enthusiastic and represent exactly what we look for in our people – helpful, enthusiastic and keen to get involved.”