Thornton Heath  artist Bareface is taking the art world by storm, and he is just getting started.

The area has lacked a contemporary art scene for decades and with the emergence of artists talent like Bareface,  Croydon is starting to make waves as an exciting and developing hub of new talent.

Bareface, creates work that aligns itself with pop art and graffiti.  He generates work with a humorous but serious edge to it.

His work quickly gained recognition in the UK and internationally when he started pasting his eye catching logo and art pieces around London.

This earned him a place in the Global Graffiti and Street Art collective and The Secret Society of Super Villian Artists (SSOSVA). Bareface is also a member of the local community based creative group Heath Collective.

His reputation is rapidly rising with various shows in the UK, Australia and the US in the past two years.

Instagram: @bareface_art

Twitter: @barefacetee