This image is the norm on many Thornton Heath streets – abandoned Tesco trolleys. Already as our picture shows these trolleys in Burlington Road have gathered the obligatory empty beer cans.

Yes it is lazy customers dumping them instead of returning them to the store but doesn’t Tesco have some obligation to actually prevent its trolleys from being removed from the store? Why should the trolleys ever leave the store and why aren’t the security staff stopping them being taken?

Residents have been bombarding Tesco with bad reviews complaining about the dated appearance of the building, litter around the store, begging,  filthy toilets, the car park and how despite complaints the lights still haven’t been fixed, One complainant writes: “Thornton Heath Tesco’s is one of the worst managed shops on the High Street,” which is ironic given that Tesco reported £1.28bn annual profits in April.

The council was meant to be arranging a meeting with Tesco bosses to discuss improvements to the store to coincide with the regeneration works.

Alec Brown, who is Head of UK Stakeholder Communications at Tesco, responding to calls to update the superstore on Brigstock Road, said: “The store in question is one of the more complicated properties given that there are many dwellings and residents above our Superstore and we have no plans at this point in time. The London Borough of Croydon however already have an interest in the Property, so we would be happy to engage with them through the appropriate channels on early ideas for the area.”

A meeting was due to be arranged in March. It then emerged that the council’s Chief Executive Jo Negrini had met with Tesco bosses in April to discuss a number of  property issues.

Now councillors Karen Jewitt and Pat Clouder have met with the duty manager at the store who gave them ‘his word’ that he would put right locals concerns. Watch this space.

*Our second picture shows the bench outside Tesco and the planter next to it which is regular used as a bin for cans and rubbish.

*In last month’s Chronicle we reported that Kettering and Laxton Court, which is part of the Tesco building, had been plagued with anti social behaviour because of insecure doors and broken CCTV. Finally the council is tackling this issue after meeting with police. The Chronicle understands that it has become so easy to get in to the flats, some of which are sheltered, that drugs have been hidden in ceiling panels in the communal areas by dealers for easy access.