Local school children as young as 14 with aspirations to one day become a surgeon are being given the opportunity to experience real life traumas including taking part in a  foot transplant.

Norbury Manor Business and Enterprise College has been selected as one of the first venues in the UK to host the award-winning Operating Theatre Live which is led by science teacher Samuel Piri.

Along with an expert team of clinicians, they are offering 14 to 19-year-old’s with an interest in a future career in medicine, health care or dentistry the chance to dissect real specimens like the brain, eyes, lungs and the heart. 

All the organs are from pigs, which have an almost identical anatomy to humans, and all are waste products of the meat industry. It is essentially the opportunity to touch, feel and see organs which makes such a difference to learning. 

National events manager for Operation Theatre Live Luke Jones, said: “ As an assistant headteacher I know that digital reality is very effective but it can’t provide the hands-on sensory experience of holding a heart or exploring something as amazing as the thoracic cavity which connects the tongue to the trachea, lungs, heart and liver.”

The tour arrives at Norbury Manor Business College on July 21, from 9am to 5pm with an option to stay through the evening for the Trauma Room. At the emergency medicine workshop from 5pm to 8pm students will experience performing a foot transplant using a semi synthetic human cadaver but the organs inside are all real specimens.

Students have a go at surgical techniques such as intubation, endoscopy and transplant, getting to grips with the equipment and infection control and learning along the way about diseases that affect different organs.

Tickets cost £60 and £139 foraccess to the truama room.To book: www.operatingtheatrelive.co.uk publicevent