Secondary school teacher and mother of two-and-half-year old twins Lauren Eells is trying to keep her students motivated despite GCSE and A-Level exams being cancelled.

The history teacher has found that online communities are providing vital resources for learning.

She has also offered to help parents via the Thornton Heath Local Facebook page if they needed assistance in understanding something that has been assigned for their child or if they need more resources to reach out.

She told The Chronicle: “My school was closed down two days before the government announced the closure of all schools and with no notice we were sent home to teach digitally. 

“This has proven to be inexplicably difficult as the twins are also at home. Navigating the world of working at home, delivering lessons via webcam to 11-18 year olds when you have two small humans running riot around you is not ideal. 

“To make matters more difficult, the government also announced they were cancelling GCSE and A-level exams. That now means that 10 hours of my week is spent teaching Year 11 and Year 13 classes who have now been told there are no exams at the end of the year which has proven to be highly demotivating and thus a real challenge to maintain. 

“Nonetheless I have discovered a world of online one-off classes and courses which have boosted my spirits. Classes for me have ranged from yoga to Zumba and then there are the virtual, interactive toddler groups which have us singing and dancing together almost as if there is nothing in the world to worry about! 

“There is so much criticism levelled at social media but at a time where social distancing is paramount, I have found these online communities to have healing and uniting powers!”

Lauren has been keeping her little ones happy with help from  Mama Tribe Let’s Stay at Home free live classes on Facebook which have offered a busy week of activities including: Zumba, ballet, forest school activities, baby massage and much more. There is also Cole Chance Yoga on YouTube and Lauren said the twins have been  glued to @Captainfantastic on Instagram who on Saturday had a 24 hour party, with live magic, science experiments as well as singing and dancing! 

@Cliptheatre also does bed time stories with puppets and singing every night!

•Lauren can be contacted on Facebook @Lauren CE