The Chronicle has challenged Sutton Council to explain why it is housing it’s vulnerable residents in Thornton Heath?

The neighbouring Liberal Democrat-run  borough is using Thornton Heath as place to house difficult tenants with mental health and alcohol issues.

Last month Steven Bishop,  an alcoholic and drug addict on the autistic spectrum who suffers from paranoid schizophrenia was jailed for terrorism offences for four years  after planning to target a mosque. It was reported in court that he could afford to buy sophisticated bomb components because he had received a backlog of benefits of £1,215 which he also used to purchase crack cocaine.

Bishop 41, was described as a ‘dangerous and unpredictable’ right-wing extremist who was obsessed  with the Manchester terrorist attack in 2017 and the death of eight-year-old Saffie Rose Roussos. 

One of his key workers had contacted police after Bishop showed her images of items he was collecting. 

Two days before he was arrested on October 29 he had a firing device delivered to his Thornton Heath home. He told her that his purpose was to build a ‘bomb’ using semtex and to blow up a mosque.

Bishop, was living at 160 Melfort Road, a care facility in which was deregistered by the Care Quality Commission  in 2016 while operating under the name of St Edwards Rehabilitation Home because it was deemed ‘inadequate’. 

It was being operated by another company Cognithan Rehab Services but it isn’t listed as registered by the CQC.  

Bishop was under the care of  the South London and Maudsley NHS Trust and placed at the Melfort Road house by Sutton Council.

The police revealed at the Thornton Heath Safer Neighbourhood ward panel meeting  last month that they are working  with Sutton to resolve the issue with a street drinker whose anti social behaviour is having a significant bearing on Thornton Heath High Street.

The alcoholic who begs outside Tesco on an almost daily basis and has been arrested for urinating in broad daylight. He is facing court action and a Community Behaviour Order for amongst other shortcomings: defecating in broad daylight. He is being housed in a hotel on Woodville Road with accommodation paid for by Sutton. 

A Sutton Council spokesman said: “The shortage of temporary and long-term housing for homeless individuals and families is a national problem. Because of the shortage, and the costs involved, Sutton Council houses homeless people in accommodation both within the borough, but also elsewhere. 

“We always try to keep people as close to Sutton as possible, but in emergency situations have to offer accommodation where there are rooms available.