Here parent Suzanne Tiago,  explains how the government’s new funding formula will impact on school children in Thornton Heath and  why she is supporting  the Fair Funding for all schools campaign.

More than 9,000 schools across England will lose money under the plans unveiled at the end of last year by the Education Secretary Justine Greening.

This tables shows a sample of infant and primary schools in Thornton Heath and the amount each school will lose according to by 2019.

This could result in less teachers and increased class sizes with the real possibility of reduced subjects and support services.

The National Audit Office said schools face an eight per cent reduction in funding per pupil by 2019-20 and that cost pressures could result in “significant risks” in making the necessary spending cuts.

Suzanne, a Marketing Director, from Thornton Heath, said:  “My five-year-old daughter goes to Whitehorse Manor Infants school, and this will be one of the worst hit schools in the locality.

“The teachers and support staff are so good there, I dread to think what will happen in future with the budget cuts. We are meant to be investing in our schools and young people. I just can’t believe the government is instead taking money away from our schools.”

All parents are being urged to join the nationwide campaign that is demanding Fair Funding for all Schools. Check out for details of what petitions you can sign and email templates so you can message your local MP.