Croydon’s Mayor bravely stepped in to a street brawl using his council badge to break up a violent attack on a man being beaten on the ground.

One witness who heard lots of shouting looked out of her  window to see a group of men and women brawling in the street outside. One man appeared to be the target of the group and was knocked to the ground by a woman who was repeatedly hitting him.   

Then she described seeing a white car pull up and The Mayor Cllr Humayun Kabir appear just like ‘superman’ to break up the brawl at  the junction of Ecclesbourne Road and Boswell Road.

Mayor Kabir who is the councillor for the Bensham Manor ward told how he used his Croydon Council lanyard to break up the fight and said he would do it again. 

He had been returning  after a late Mayoral engagement when he came upon the group, adding: “I hope it will encourage other people to stop such nasty attacks in the street.”