This is the moment the Thornton Heath United squad of 1976 were reformed 45 years on after a player tracked down all his former teammates to raise money for a bowel cancer charity.

Michael Taylor, 73, decided to set up the event to support Bowel Cancer UK after his partner Jacqui was diagnosed with the disease 18 months ago.

Michael enjoyed a playing career in non-league football of more than 60 years and was part of the management team for Surrey FA for five years. 

He has written a book about his experience called ‘Non-league Football: A Rollercoaster Ride’ with the proceeds also going to the charity.

Michael said: “It was quite difficult to track everyone down from the old team photo, but once I got going and started making phone calls, people knew other people, and I was able to find others on Facebook. 

“We feel very humble that we can all get back together again and we can get this picture taken.

“The fact is we need to get the message out to people to be aware of how important it is to do the screening test when it comes in the post. 

“Men are more stubborn and less likely to take their screening test, so I want to spread this message out to people, so they can know how serious it is. The quicker it’s caught the better.

“Jacqui received her bowel cancer screening test in the post. I was very guilty myself of not always doing the tests when they came, but Jacqui felt she should do it. We were shocked when the results came back

“It been a very difficult time for us. She’s been on several different treatments, but none of them have been working.

“Jacqui helped me so much to put this book together over the two years it took me to write it, so I wanted to donate the profits to help others like her who are living with this disease.”

During his career in non-league football, Michael who now lives in Hastings, enjoyed a number of roles including being a player, scout, coach, and manager.

Luke Squires, director of fundraising at Bowel Cancer UK, said: “We’re so grateful that Michael is donating the proceeds of his book sales to the charity and holding these fundraising events.

“It’s only because of people like Michael supporting the charity we can continue to save lives and improve the quality of life of everyone affected by bowel cancer.”