It’s one of the more unlikely fly tips in Thornton heath – a  six foot-long boa constrictor snake. 

The poor dehydrated snake was found dumped in a polystyrene box in an alleyway off Camden Way on May 15 by  a woman walking along the footpath.

According to the RSPCA, the snake would “not have survived long on its own” had it not been discovered because of the maintenance required to look after the it.

RSPCA inspector Callum Isitt was on hand to collect the snake, and said the woman must have been shocked at happening upon the huge animal.

He said: “She must have had quite the shock when she found the six foot-long boa inside.

“The snake was in a poor condition and was suffering with what looked like a bad skin infection so I took him straight to our animal hospital in Putney for treatment.”

The RSPCA inspector then tried desperately hard to find the owner by making enquries in the Thornton Heath area and putting up posters, but was not successful.

He added: “I’d be keen to hear from anyone who may know where this snake has come from or who is responsible for abandoning the boa.”

The RSPCA are appealing for anyone with information that could help the investigation into the abandonment to contact their appeal line on 0300 1234 999.