Here  we reveal plans showing a dramatic change to the face of the main gateway in to Thornton Heath.

Locals face months of traffic chaos as the work to transform the area outside the station and Ambassador House gets underway but look at the results (pictures left).

The public realm works part of the £2.7million regeneration of Thornton Heath have been many months in the planning with a series of consultations, public meetings and exhibitions with the public prior to the contractor Cuttle starting construction work.

With the shop front improvements completed now the major works have seen the carriageway outside Ambassador House closed while the road and paving is reconstructed.

The Ambassador House forecourt is also set to be transformed with greenery including eight tree planters.

The wall which has become a focal point for anti social behaviour being used by street drinkers and as a place to urinate against will be removed.

The bus stop area is being widened with a shelter and seating for people waiting.

The mixed granite mid grey and light grey paving is already beginning to take shape as you can see from the picture left.

Opposite the paving outside the station will receive the same treatment and the area will be widened eating in to the existing  vehicle drop of point.

Next to the cycle rack will be two single seats and and a bench along with stone seats which can double as tables.

Meanwhile regeneration work on a section of the High Street has been delayed after a large sink hole appeared.

Work was halted after the discovery of the cavern under the highway on the crossing island opposite AB Cabs and Paddy Power.  Investigations have revealed that a pipe belonging to Thames Water  has been leaking for some while and needs repairing before the works can go ahead.

The damage caused by the leaking pipe is not considered dangerous and so the repair work is not being dealt as an emergency by Thames Water and no date has been set for work to commence. This  set back work on Parchmore Road which was ahead of schedule before this happened.

The Whitehorse roundabout scheme will finish in February; new seating has been installed outside the library and the story telling pavement engravings are on course for February. They granite has been sent to Halifax to be engraved.  Work is well advanced on widening the pavement on Cotford Parade and now Cuttle who are carrying out the public realm work have moved on to the station and the carriageway infant of Ambassador House has been closed causing traffic chaos.

Of the two remaining murals; artist Bareface will now paint his design instead of using costly vinyl. The Ganapathy Temple mural is being further delayed because BT are installing a  third box at the front of the Temple, so Snapshot Collective are having to revise their design.

The Brigstock House mural funded by Cllr Alison Butler from her ward budget has been held up over whether costly scaffolding is required instead of the cheaper option of using a cherry picker to paint the mural.