rapper is using his linguistic skills to help young people open up about mental health issues.

Rap Therapy founded by Bhishma Asare in April 2018, aims to help young people express themselves through rap, writes Aisha Jade. 

Since launching this community interest company, Asare has worked with students in schools such as Harris Invictus as well as holding sessions in Croydon Library.

Mental health has become a widely talked about topic with statistics showing that 20 per cent  of adolescents may experience a mental health issue in any given year. 

Asare who raps under the name Proph, said: “I released an EP, Invisible Guidlines, back in 2017 and it received a lot of publicity. Months later I was sitting in a cafe and the idea randomly sprang up in my mind – I could use my rap skills to help the youth. 

“They have responded really well to the programme. When I come to schools and they realise that I am not a teacher and I relate to them, it builds an instant trust in which they feel that they can open up to me. 

“I have an exercise where I have students write a letter to their future selves. It’s one of their favourites. A lot of these kids have high aspirations and I feel enough isn’t done to help them try to make the goals a reality.

Bishma, who was born and raised in Thornton Heath  added:“There are a lot of factors that affect someones mental health. For children I think social media, home factors and just the  pressures of growing up play a big part. Councils, governments and parents need to come together collectively to help the youth.

“ One big thing projects lack is the funding. I also believe that parents need to take more responsibility when it comes to their kids and I feel that some may need some support from the council. Some parents are young themselves and I think it would be good if the councils could provide them with parenting classes.” 

Rap_Therapy_100   is his Instagram