Four Thornton Heath businesses have been forced to close for breaching the exemption list of shops allowed to trade during lockdown. 

The prohibition notices were issued by Croydon’s Environmental Enforcement team who issued guidance to a further eight local shops where social distancing was being flouted.

A total of 12 Thornton Heath shops were identified as being in breach of the government restrictions by police and Neighbourhood Safety Officers during routine patrols of Thornton Heath’s shopping district.

To date, throughout Croydon,  council enforcement officers have done 94 visits following reports of shops being open when they shouldn’t be during lockdown or for not placing social distancing measures for their customers.  Of these, 22 voluntarily closed and 12 had to be forced to close through prohibition notices.

The council has also issued social distancing guidance to 24 cafés, restaurants and fast food businesses.


Neighbourhood Safety Officer’s have been tasked with monitoring parks with Thornton Heath Rec  one of the parks visited frequently. During last weekend’s Bank Holiday police and NSO’s closed down a large party in Richmond Road near  The Rec (picture from @MPSThorntonHth ). All other parks are also visited on rotation or if it is highlighted as potentially an issue. 

Deputy Leader of the Council Alison Butler said: “Officers have been engaging with all residents and reminding them of the social distancing rules and informing them that gym and play equipment is currently out of bounds to prevent the spread of the virus. 

“The NSOs have also assisted the EEO team to identify those who were flouting the rules.

 “Police are also in regular contact to update us on which commercial premises they have dealt with and advised or closed. EEO’s then follow up this action by issuing either guidance or the prohibition notices, whichever is most appropriate.”