A shop flouting the social distancing guidelines has been reported by police for licensing violations to the council.

Police have also been fining residents who have been not been abiding by the Covid-19 guidelines with officers sending home sunbathers.

Our pictures and video show the free for all as customers queue outside Heath Supermarket on the High Street on Thursday. 

One onlooker criticised the lack of precautions and social distancing,

Thornton Heath Safer Neighbourhood Officers  took action and are shown trying to deal with crowds spilling on to the pavement  outside the premises  in these pictures. Video footage taken on officers body worn cameras of the groups of people  have been shared with licensing. Neither officer is wearing PPE apart from their normal polling attire.


Other independent  shops on the High Street have been acting responsibly with those queuing spaced out appropriately by two metres. 

However, there was also criticism of the number of businesses open and whether they are ‘essential.’

Meanwhile, one Thornton Heath business YBR Cakes on Brigstock Road has received praise from psychiatrist  Ahmed Hankir, aka The Wounded  Healer on Twitter, who said: ”#COVID19 has brought the best and worst out of people. This is Yusuf Bader, the owner of a cafe that serves take away coffee and refreshments  in Thornton Heath. Yusuf refuses to receive payment from me always puts a smile on my face. Yusfuf is the best of people.”

The police had previously tweeted: “With warmer weather approaching this weekend, you may feel tempted to go out, please don’t! Stay home, stay safe and look after each other. #StayHomeSaveLives”

PCSOs were out on Thursday morning and sent home sunbathers. Thornton Heath Officers also said they had  issued a number of fines to individuals not abiding by Government guidelines concerning  COVID19. 

One resident said: “I live opposite a popular restaurant and it’s pretty much situation normal with general loitering/sitting in your car with friends eating and then dumping your waste out to the kerb. No change here.”

Another said: “Just left Thornton Heath Rec where I took my dog for a walk – it was packed full of sunbathers and groups (one as large as 7!), no care in the world. Patrols would be helpful.”

Officers have been doing regular sweeps of Thornton Heath Rec and moving along groups of more than two people.

Supt Andy Brittain, responsible for partnership and neighbourhood policing in Croydon responded to residents complaints saying: “Thanks for the information we will do all that we can to engage and inform people of the requirements. We are bringing in extra resourcing over the bank holiday weekend to assist with this process.”

Given the warm weather on Friday afternoon The Rec was unusually quiet and empty as this last picture shows, so perhaps people were finally heeding the warnings.