A serial teenage cashpoint mugger who dragged an elderly woman to the ground for her handbag outside Tesco in Thornton Heath has been jailed after a court heard she suffered a fractured and dislocated shoulder which may not fully recover.

Nathaniel Leid, 18, who lay in wait for his victims at the Brigstock Road supermarket cashpoint, barging them out of the way before snatching a handful of banknotes from the machine was jailed for three-and-a-half years.

He struck five times in the space of just two weeks, leaving victims scared to use public cash machines in the future, Croydon crown court heard.

One of the victims, Sylvia Knight, was stalked by Leid as she shopped at Tesco before being mugged as she returned to her home in sheltered accommodation.

Prosecutor Jane Carpenter said she finished her shopping and used the cashpoint to withdraw £200.

She said: “While being watched and followed by Leid, she made her way to her home where Leid grabbed her shoulder handbag and attempted to steal it.

“Mrs Knight held on to the strap, which allowed Leid to swing her around until she fell on to the floor.

A neighbour was shouting for Leid to leave her alone, and he ran off dropping the handbag.”

The court heard Mrs Knight suffered a fractured and dislocated shoulder which may not fully recover.

“She is scared and worried about going home and going out”, added the prosecutor.

The mugging happened at the end of a spree of robberies by Leid in October last year.

“On each occasion, he is seen on CCTV watching the victims as they withdrew cash, and timing his movement perfectly to ensure he could move the victim out of the way and steal their money before they could get back to their feet”, said Ms Carpenter.

Sentencing him to three-and-a-half years in a young offenders institution, Recorder Paul Keleher QC said: “This was a campaign of violent crime which was only thwarted by your arrest.
“It was your choice to lie in wait for people and attack them as they withdrew cash, as you put it to ‘make easy money’.
“You caused other people suffering and loss by your actions, and that has a grave effect on their ability to enjoy life.”

The court heard Leid has named a 14-year-old boy he says was also involved in the robberies with him.
Leid, from Bromley, admitted five counts of robbery.