St Cyprians Greek Orthodox Primary Aacademy, on Springfield Road has an application for the provision of a multi use games area with new sports fencing and six floodlights.

The school currently uses a concrete makeshift playground area that is sometimes used as a car park.

The children participate in competitions with other schools and enter these competitions at a disadvantage not having an appropriate space in which to train, says the planning statement.

Local sports facilities are limited and parents are keen that their children have an alternative safe venue in which to pursue sporting activities.

The school intends to provide access to this facility outside of school hours for the local community and sports groups.

It says out of respect to the neighbours, the school has in its lettings policy a cut off time of 10.30pm (Sundays, Mondays to Thursdays), 11pm (Fridays) and midnight on Saturdays. To minimise noise levels, it is planned that there will be low impact fencing around the pitch. There will be also be an attendant on site to supervise the flow of people and cars.