A landlady convicted of leasing a neglected property which had become a “potentially lethal’ fire hazard is the trustee of a charity providing housing and advice to ex- offenders, we can reveal.

The Chronicle has discovered that Allison Aris, of 120 Melfort Road, who was fined £6,665 and ordered to pay the council’s full costs of £1,694 and a victim surcharge of £170 is trustee of the charity Chrysallis A Housing.

According to the Charity Commission web site Chrysallis A Housing was registered in December last year at the same Melfort Road address.
In Chrysalis A Housing’s objectives it lists: “promote the resettlement and rehabilitation of ex offenders of the public benefit by providing with housing and advice to assist them to fully reintegrate into the community and help stop them from re-offending.”

Aris, 50, was letting a shared house to four men when last October council inspectors found several smoke detectors had been removed and fire doors tampered with.

They also discovered rubbish strewn across the house and garden and the property littered with mouse droppings.