A renewable energy project which reduces the carbon footprint but also creates community funds for local initiatives could see solar panels installed in Thornton Heath.

A feasibility study, carried out following a series of drop in events run by Croydon Council in partnership with Repowering London, has shortlisted ten council properties as having suitable roofs and high electricity consumption: including Thornton Heath Leisure Centre and Croydon University hospital.

Repowering London is a not-for-profit organisation that specialises in empowering communities to own and generate their own renewable energy using solar panels to convert into renewable electricity.

The community invest in a share offer where the shareholders make up the membership of the society and have a say in how the project is run. The fund helps support the installation of the solar project.

Shareholders receive interest payments on their investment at three to four per cent per year, which is more than a savings account.

All profits from the scheme go straight to the community who get to choose how the money is spent.

Croydon young people will also benefit through internship opportunities.

A number of energy projects have already been set up in Lambeth and Hackney.

For more information: www.repowering.org.uk or if you are interested in investing or being involved int he project contact felix.wight@repowering.org.uk