The reason behind why Wetherspoon’s has decided to serve the break clause on its lease and leave Thornton Heath is still unclear.

The decision is likely to be driven by market forces or profits but the pub chain won’t reveal either way fuelling further speculation.

The pub has a regular clientele and always appears to be busy and benefits from CPFC match days with fans reporting the bar being so crowded that there are often long queues for drinks.

The Chronicle has repeatedly asked Wetherspoon for an explanation. This is what we asked and this is what the response has been:

CHRONICLE: Is there any chance this decision may be reversed. If ‘no’ then any idea when the pub will close? Is the closure due to financial reasons?

Does Wetherspoons have any response to this comment expressed by a regular?

“It’s not only our ‘local’ but it’s also a place where people of all ages and all ethnicities can come to have an affordable drink and a meal and feel at home. If the pub closes, we feel that a major part of our community will die with it.”

WETHERSPOON: Completely understand the quote…but not sure we can offer a response to that.

CHRONICLE: If not a response perhaps some clarity as to why Wetherspoon severed the break clause?

The pub always appears busy which can of course be  deceptive but is the decision entirely driven by  market forces?

So the question is can the community do anything to change Wetherspoon’s decision?

WETHERSPOON: The decisions can’t be reversed as the break notice with the landlord is irrevocable.

-There is no set date for closure but likely around May 2018.

-We wouldn’t give any further information on this.