Regular Chronicle readers are only too aware Thornton Heath is awash with innovative, life enhancing initiatives led by groups and individuals within our community. 

Every day of the week our parks, community buildings, High Street and places of worship are home to projects as varied as art, music, gardening, education and advice and support all of which respond to the needs of our diverse community and are based on the gifts and talents local people have to offer.

Over the past few months these activities have become the bedrock of a nationally recognised initiative that seeks to build on the principle that the creation of a healthy community must be led by its own people with the support of services and professionals. 

To this end Croydon Social P has sought to support the building of local initiatives and worked closely with health professionals, especially within GP practices, to signpost patients to activities that are close to home and where they can take part or indeed offer their own skills and talents. 

As a result, activities including exercise classes, mindfulness workshops, gardening projects are attracting hundreds of local people in safe, accessible and welcoming venues across Thornton Heath, a sample of which are shown on this page. All taking part acknowledge that these activities play a huge part in preventing ill health, keeping people well and enhancing recovery. 

There is no doubt that 2019 will see activity proliferate and once more show that when it comes to finding solutions to challenges faced, Thornton Heath leads the way.

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