When Marian Adejokun, from Thornton Heath, was just 19 she faced a deadly allergy known as SJS (Steven Johnson Syndrome) which left her in a coma for one whole month.

She, had a one in a million deadly allergic reaction, to an eye drop, which almost took her life and left her covered in blisters from head to toe and lost layers of her skin.

This near-death experience changed Marian’s life forever and she details these struggles – both good and bad –  in her  memoir, My Life Is Not My Own.

Marian, now aged 26, who has a BA Honours and Masters degree in Education has fared and lived by the rules of life and death far greater than most people of her age and that led her to set up Reachout2all which is a portal giving young people a voice.

The organisation aims to collaborate with youth organisations offering support and advice. 

Reachout2all is hosting an event on  November 17 between 1 to 6pm at Ashburton Hall in Lower Addiscombe. Speakers will include Shaniqua Benjamin from Young People Insight, Paster Samuel Brobbey, Andrew Brown from Croydon BMRE Forum, Kay Oldroyd founder of BYA Feed’Em, and Croydon borough commander Jeff Boothe, along with the Mayor of Croydon Cllr Bernadette Khan and Croydon’s Young Mayor and Deputy William Awoyomi and Shea Williams.

The youth event will be hosted by Theo Manderson, a well known radio presenter at Premier Gospel radio. 

Marian said: “ Everyday, I observe how these youths are lost in this big world we are living in… most of them are subjected to knife crime, gun crime, gangs, abuse, anxiety, drugs etc. 

“Our youths feel hopeless and think there’s nothing to live for. 

“I believe something needs to be done. Reachout2all is about reaching out to those that need us most.

“This generation have a lot of gifted youths who are destined for greatness in their life and can all learn from each other’s mistakes and make things right before it’s too late.

For  more info: www.reach2all.co.uk