UK rap stars turned restauranteurs, Krept and Konan opened their American-like diner, Crepes and Cones back in May of this year. 

It got a lot of buzz on social media with people from all over London and even those who live outside, excited about the launch. I remember seeing ridiculously long queues of people lined up outside when they first opened. I also remember seeing and hearing a lot of mixed reviews. 

I arrived on a Monday at 4.30pm, they opened at 4pm, and was kindly asked if I didn’t mind coming back later because they were waiting for a delivery and there wasn’t any food available, only drinks!

I went back at 6.30pm and after being seated, I couldn’t help but admire the interior. Simple yet warm with a stunning shade of red being the main theme. 

When approached for drinks my server was well-mannered, friendly and super informative. She advised me on what was the best selling and which were her personal favourites. I decided on a Delroy’s Island Crush 3. It came garnished with the exotic fruit of guava sliced in half exposing the bitter sweet seeds that actually added a nice pulp to the beverage. The dominant flavour was mango but it also contained pineapple and strawberry. 

For my main dish, I had 10 wings: five peri peri and five pineapple jerk along with seasoned fries. It was evident that these were real jerk wings one bite and that smoke wood flavour could be tasted. I just wish that the pineapple flavour was stronger. Likewise, the piri piri wings were good but seasoned mildly, more herbs and spices incorporates would have been perfect.

I opted for the oreo waffles for dessert. three large ones drizzled with white and milk chocolate topped with a scoop of chocolate ice-cream which was garnished by an oreo cookie. The presentation of dish made it photo frame worthy. I prefer my waffles soft with a light crisp toasted outer layer. These were a bit too toasted for my liking however I did eat everything on this plate even using the waffle to scrape up the remaining chocolate sauce!

Crepes and Cones, is overall a nice restaurant with a nice ambience. Although some improvements are needed its nothing that I believe they couldn’t overcome. My hosts provided an amazing service and the layout is wicked. I have to commend Krept and Konan for establishing this eatery local to where they grew up and providing jobs for young people. Would visit again! 

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Service: 3.8

Atmosphere: 4

Food: 3.6

Food presentation:  4

Overall: 3.8/5