The Chronicle is calling on the Chairman of J D Wetherspoon Tim Martin to look in to his heart and give The Flora Sandes a last minute reprieve. 

Mr Martin, as the founder of Wetherspoon, we are sending you this copy of The Chronicle in the hope that your will listen to our community, who are desperate to save the pub, which has become a home from home for many people as well as being a meeting place for fans on Crystal Palace match days.

Please come and visit The Flora Sandes to hear how much it is loved by its customers who have gathered 2,700 signatures on a petition to save their local from closure.

The Fight for Flora campaign started when the Thornton Heath Chronicle broke the news in early October that JD Wetherspoon was intending to break the lease on The Flora Sandes. 

Since then, many customers who value their community pub for its affordable food and drink, its welcoming atmosphere and its friendly staff have rallied round to ask Wetherspoon to reconsider their decision, writes Jack Arthey.

By the end of November, supported by their GLA Assembly member Steve O’Connell, MP Steve Reed, and local councillors more than 2,700 people have raised their voices and said ‘please listen to your customers and let us continue to enjoy the great community space you’ve created for us’ by signing a huge petition and writing in a customer comments book.

Their comments are raw, honest, touching and heartfelt and, above
all, reflect their high regard for the company that is threatening to close their pub.

The petition has been presented to Croydon’s full council meeting and will be presented to the GLA at its meeting on 21 December.

The comments book is now full because so many customers of all ages and nationalities wanted to share their feelings and opinions about their pub with Wetherspoon’s founder and Chair, Tim Martin.

These include:

“I have a large mobility scooter. I
can always bring it in to here with no problem. I am always welcome. It is always friendly and kind. Please don’t close this pub for this 93-year-old disabled person.’

“Myself and my friend who is disabled love this pub because it is very easy access for the disabled and the staff and other customers are very friendly.”

“As a single woman I have been coming here for years and never felt threatened,  frightened or awkward. There is a
great atmosphere and it feels like a real community pub. Wetherspoon Flora Sandes is absolutely fantastic.”
“We love the atmosphere and friendly safe environment to enjoy a meal.”

“I work in social care and I often bring my residents in for lunch and evenings. They have various disabilities and it is nice for them to interact with the community. They enjoy respect and dignity from the wonderful staff and customers here.”
‘We love coming here and bringing our elderly Mum for a meal. I wish you would reconsider. ”

One regular Mary Auguiste, has even penned a song dedicated to saving Thornton Heath Wetherspoon and here it is:


In Thornton Heath there is a Wetherspoons pub,

Where we can take our children to eat decent grub,

There’s different festive foods to fill our tums,

and plenty of soft drinks to chase the rums.


Woe, it’s us, Wetherspoons’ customers who make fuss,

Woe, it’s us, Wetherspoons’ customers who make a fuss.


In Wetherspoons, the food’s culturally diverse,

The price is okay and not mean on our purse,

Its imminent closure will bring us to tears,

It’s a community service where we dine without fear.



Woe, it’s us, Wetherspoons’ customers who make a fuss

Woe, it’s us, Wetherspoons’ customers who make a fuss


Wetherspoons’ customers come from every nation,

Closing it down increases isolation,

Community spirit is our goal,

We don’t tolerate drugs or accommodate thugs! ????????


Woe, it’s us, Wetherspoons’ customers who should make a fuss,

Woe, it’s us, Wetherspoons customers who should make a fuss.


The benefits to our health are not realised.

Wetherspoons’ provides us with the tools to survive.

Closing it down will definitely mean,

The NHS’s budget will be spiralling.



Woe, it’s us, Wetherspoons’ customers who should make a fuss,

Woe, it’s us, Wetherspoons customers who should make a fuss.