Local entrepreneur Dexter Simms who runs the clothing broad Mula Cake from his shop on Brigstock Road is giving local black writers a platform hosting book signings every month.

The shop hosted its  first independent book signing in September last year and on  March 30 Daniel Douglas will be signing the children’s book he wrote and  illustrated  about a Rastaman called Ringo.

Other signings have featured books about black history,  motivational stories and real-life stories  including the titles: Go Get Em, Young Black Males Have Potential, Inspiration on. The Go, and Hip Hop Raised Me.

Evelyn Pindura after signing her book: Lives Transformed Stories of Unsung Heroes, posted on Twitter: “It wasn’t so much about me but about the lovely people I connected with. Sometimes a word of encouragement goes a long way and connecting with other people is beautiful.”

This is one of a number of community initiatives being self funded by the Dexter  who also runs a kids holiday club, and an annual family fun day June 1 10-6pm along with club nights for adults.

Dexter said: “What inspired me to do the book signing at my Mulacake shop was I wanted to offer something different to my customers other than adding something like trainers or things that don’t bring any extra value to others, so I thought I could make two things happen in one.

“First to provide another free opportunity to others to help gain them recognition, as I know being independent is very hard and gaining exposure can not only be difficult but also costly. Second spread more knowledge and self belief into our community via other people’s stories or creativity, as most people only believe they can achieve once they see other achieving.

“What I mean by breaking the cycle was a lot of people complain about things that happen in our community but make no attempt to make a change and I believe if you can’t see the problem then you are part of the problem. We have gotta do better if we expect better.”

The shop is at 7 Brigstock Parade and for more information email: info@mulacake.com