Colourful wooden planters are set to brighten up shops and businesses on the High Street.

This is part of Thornton Heath Community Action Teams’s aim to improve the look and feel of the area making it safer.

The first planters were put outside The Salvation Army and have already received many positive comments about how lovely they look and how they brighten up the place.

Planters are now set for outside The Barber Store on the High Street as part of a drive to get local businesses to enhance the High Street.

There have also been new planters  installed on Gillet Road and outside the Job Centre with plants provided by Croydon Saffron Central as part of the PRIDE Rainbow project.

If more businesses wish to support this, they can contact THCAT and planters will be made from recycled wood.

There is no cost involved initially as funding from local councillors community ward budgets are supporting this project, but businesses and residents are expected to  maintain the plants and water them. They can also add more plants  and bulbs if they wish to do so.

Peter Lawrence, who makes the planters said: “Having a planter outside a shop makes the frontage look bright and clean. It also sends a great message to businesses customers, that they are an example of great community spirit.”